Mozai Zeevan Safori’s Photobiography.

Photo Biography Zeevan Safori’s Photobiography.

Mozai Zeevan Safori is Contemporary an Artist of Bangladesh.
Mozai Jibon Safari is a Bangladeshi artist. Moshi Jibon Safari is a noted devotee of present time. He has been working for a long time. Apart from his own country, he also has a joint exhibition of his paintings abroad. In the meantime, he worked through a variety of ways. Worked through a lot of things including paintings, terracotta, sculpture, wood work, landscapes, cartoons.
Mozai Zeevan Safori, a lover of beauty, in his profession a painter and a sculptor. Besides, he is a language artist and a thinker–dwelling on the trivialities of the decaying world; and a different interpreter of loftiness; in silence. He goes on creating a confliction world of worthlessfickle pleasure and inevitable departure.

He observes the impact of applied art and projected art on people and also watches the constantly swinging state of traditions in the perspective of sociological evolution. He loves Geography, History and Philosophy and is fascinated of Bangla literature and astonished at the unending harmony of Bangla Phonology. The decay of beauty keeps him in constant pain, yet he believes that change is possible in society and in the world through endless activities. Mozai Zeevan Safori was involved in the movement of federal Artists Union of Bangladesh and World Village of Art. He is infatuated to the weeds, parasites and plants of Bangla nature. Ever wandering, he goes on writing a great variety of prose. He has roamed around the and keenly observed nature, taste, the evolution of art form, influence of European Reneissance, modarn and post modarn movement including Staatliche Musen Zu Berlin, Altes Museum, Museu D’ Art Contemporani, Museu Egipci De Barcelona, Musee D’ Orsay, Musee National Eugene-Delacroix, Louvre etc museiums, varities exhibitions and their vivid ages arcitecture in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and Holland. He not only believes in the works subcontinental and middle east created between 5000 BC to 500 AD but also he is fond of all of these works. He is constantly observing all of those creative works including folk and tribal or primitive art throughout the world.

Published Books
1. Bone Manjori Sen (Manjori Sen is in Forest)
2. Proshno Somucchoy (Collection of Questions)
3. Saforir Duti Lochona (Two Analysis of Safori)
4. Bagher Proshno (A Tiger’s Question)
5. Kothakoy (Some Words)

Published Manuscript
1. Safor Panchotringshoti (A Thrty Fifth Journey)
2. Pathakay (Some Streets)
3. Shakkhat Kar? (Whose Interview?)
4. Michebadi Rakhoaal (The Liar Shepherd)
5. Sote Michhe (Truth and Lies)
6. Bhasha Noye Kotha Koye (Spoken with Language)
7. Pithwir Likhito Noy (Not Written by the Earth)
8. Saforir Asampto Abhidhan (Safori’s Unfinished Dictionary)
9. Bhasha Noye Kotha Koye (Spoken with Language)

Academic Name: Md. Zahidul Islam. Passed S.S.C in 1987 with a First Division from the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Jessore And Bachelor of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting in 1992 held in 1996 with a First Class from the than Khulna Art College under the University of Rajshahi.

30 October 2013 to 13 November 2013, A Two man show title
When Silence Eats Sound, Bengal Art Lounge, 60 Gulshan Avenue, Circle 1, Dhaka – 1212.
2016 Group Show, Longitude Latitude Gallery, Banani, Dhaka

Works Collected
His Art works are in collection of Dhaka University, Jessore Science and Technology University, Hotel 71 Dhaka, Bengal Foundation Dhaka and of many private collectors in Bangladesh, India, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, England, Italy, Netherland, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Canada and the United States of America.

1. Mangrove Production 2. Mangrove Production
West Circuit House, Jessore, New Eskaton Road, Dhaka-1000.

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মোজাই জীবন সফরী একজন বাংলাদেশের শিল্পী। যশোর জেলার নিবাসী মোজাই জীবন সফরী বর্তমান সময়ের একজন উল্লেখযোগ্য নিবেদিত প্রাণ শিল্পী। দীর্ঘদিন ধরে তিনি কাজ করে চলেছেন। নিজ দেশ ছাড়াও বিদেশেও তার পেইন্টংসের যৌথ প্রদর্শনী হয়েছে। এরই মধ্যে তিনি বিভিন্ন মাধ্যমে কাজ করেছেন। পেইন্টিংস, টেরাকোটা, ভাষ্কর্য, উড ওয়ার্ক, ল্যান্ডস্ক্যাপ, কার্টুন সহ অনেক মাধ্যমে কাজ করেছেন।
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