Contemporary Short Story of Bangladesh. Raja Shahidul Aslam


Contemporary Short Story of Bangladesh

B Y  R A Z A    S H A H I D U L   A S L A M

The gentleman lives in the district town having a lot of money, motorized vehicles, sons and daughters- all. Everything. But suddenly, the prefix “un” has appeared before his happiness. His money and pelf cannot destroy the “un”.
Those old sayings- money alone cannot bring happiness, happiness is…
Sons and daughters (in law also) are anxious. The gentleman is passing by no sleep at all. They haven’t gone to a doctor. Treatment is going on. But no headway. Many doctors and medicines are passing through but the -disease is determined not to go. The doctor referred him to Dhaka. Last of all, at Dhaka- the big doctor, tests from the big lab- a critical situation. There’s no way out there but operation that is impossible within the country.
UK means London. There it’s possible. The doctor of the country referred him to Landon. The gentleman had no scarceness of money. He went.

There are great doctors there. Good number of blocks has been found in heart. The board sat. A poignant operation is needed. Risky. The doctors are tense. The operation may or may not be successful. At last the greatest of the great doctors says, it’s impossible without operation, if the patient laughs out loudly, the blocks may open.

The man hasn’t laughed for a good length of year. He has simply forgotten laughing by simply hanging after money. He has still been running the race. Laughter for good health- the gentleman feels little serious. Riches and wealth are all worthless!

Laughter is rare now. The ladies named “Hasi” have become worried that their husbands can’t earn much money. The bachelor ladies named “Hasi” have also been concerned-scarcity of employment and more than two billions of young stars are seeking works. Scarcity of jobs means scarcity of grooms. The jobless young stars look to them of course. But those looks are mixed with dryness, failure and frustration. The ladies named “Hasi” cannot respond to them. Workless man is worthless… So, the unmarried Hasis have also stopped laughing.
Is really laughter unfeasible?

A critical pen cultivator has said that – the young ladies are not praying for the young stars. And this is the cause of this present condition. Laughter is also not found there in the face of the unemployed young stars who have forgotten laughing for the pain of gaining no gain.
Recently, some are thoughtful- would laughter be out of the usual run in future.
Laughter for life.

Some people have been employed to enable the gentleman to laugh. A lot of money has been being spent in the sector of ‘laughter’. A trivial matter. In the previous years, laughter was never purchased or sold. Still there’s no Laughter Shopping Mall in Europe or America. Quite amazing! What are the people not doing! Still they could not have opened up a Laughing Store even!
A little laughter.

The gentleman known to me for fifteen years ago told me three and half a months before.
Suddenly, his mobile phone rang and the story dropped into a hole. I didn’t give a try to rescue the story from the hole because the phone call tangled the gentleman into a monetary fix. The gentleman wanted his lent money back from the man on the other side of the mobile phone but the second man not only denied, threatened his life as well.

Finally, the gentleman couldn’t tell the story. I was much eager to know whether the patient got recovery from his disease or not. Often I just called the story teller over phone to know the rest of the story. He didn’t tell. I felt greatly curious and sad. At a point, I forgot to laugh. Once I could hear that the story teller has also forgotten laughing due to the shock of the loss of the money that went air by the borrower or else.

It’s true though unbelievable. Once the story comes up to me. The story teller phones me. I pick the call. The man keeps laughing on and on.
-What’s the matter? You’re laughing only!
-That gentleman has laughed. Shortly before a while, the doctor has checked him up and has said that the blocks are free! Ha-ha-ha- Do you know the gentleman’s my father.

Language Conversion and Composition : Neelim Mahsin Reza. Bangladesh.

Raja Shahidul Aslam is a Short Story Writer of Bangladesh. Born 27 Aught 1964. Published Books Eight. Short Story – 01. Raatbhor Ghunpoka (2004), 02. Khola Golpa (Booklet 2013), 03. Notun Dhorma Khultay Chay Kotipoy Manush ( 2015).



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